Developed the Workshops on the “Entrepreneurship Skills”
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Developed the Workshops on the “Entrepreneurship Skills”

From October the 19th to the 20th, 2020, and from October the 29th to the 30th 2020, Enoros Consulting Ltd. developed the Workshops on the “Entrepreneurship Skills”, of the NESET project, by using online means and digital tools. The number of all participants was 30 young people, NEETs. The Workshop was divided into 4 sessions, including diverse activities and discussions based on the subject.
The aim was to train young NEETs on the knowledge and implementation of Entrepreneurship Skills, in order to develop relevant skills that address initiative and motivation, creativity and resourcefulness, leadership and persuasion as well as adaptability and resilience.

In November 2020, Enoros Consulting Ltd. developed a series of sessions for the implementation of the Workshop on the “Validation Skills”, by using online means and digital tools. The total number of the participants was 39 young people, NEETs. The overall aim of the Validation Skills Workshop was for the young NEETs (project’s target group) to reveal the occupation-related to their characteristics; highlight the occupation-related of their skills; implement self-analysis and self-assessment, based on their educational achievements and work experience as well as their skills.
The audience was very active during the workshop and they were very content and were feeling confident enough to share and express their views and knowledge about their personal skills and experiences, making questions to the speakers.

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