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About the project

The objective of  NESET project is to support on a large-scale transnational basis the sustainability of youth integration in the tourism labour market in the above-mentioned NESET beneficiary countries (BCs), by creating conditions for NEETs’ employment and entrepreneurship in various forms of tourism (besides mass sea/ski tourism) usually defined as alternative tourism.


The key youth empowerment activities, carrying the highest innovative and transnational added value of the project include: elaboration of transnational standards for validation of prior nonformal / informal learning in key occupations in the tourism industry; elaboration of an innovative e-Support platform; organisation of transnational job placement mobilities for a group of former NEETs’ (young people Not in Education, Employment or Training). A systematic monitoring and evaluation of project’s results will be carried out, using a number of pre-defined outcome indicators.


The project’s main focus is on the 25-29-year-old NEETs’ in the BCs (incl. long-term unemployed, low-skilled and discouraged young people), who together with relevant stakeholders form the project’s direct target group, whereas end beneficiaries will include all unemployed young people in the BCs, who are looking for sustainable career in tourism.