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Competence gap analysis

Surveys have been conducted among young people, targeted by the NESET project, and employers in the tourism sector in the beneficiary countries, which provided the basis for all WPs to follow. The competence gap analysis mapped the state-of-the-art and compared the need requirements among beneficiary countries (BCs) in terms of needs vs already existing skills, available support and demographics of young people, as well as their perceptions, regarding the existing labour market-related challenges and opportunities from a tourism sector perspective.

Innovative training material & training workshops

The activity includes:

1) elaboration of innovative training material, incl. compendium of good practices (from beneficiary and expertise countries), multimedia resources, transnational validation standards for key occupations in the tourism sector, etc.;

2) delivery of pilot training workshops in each beneficiary country for:

  • prospective young employees (for acquisition of new and validation of previously acquired competences); and
  • prospective young entrepreneurs.

e-Support platform

The Platform hosts:

  • elaborated training material and validation standards;
  • first-of-its-kind international job placement mobility portal, incl. job advertisements specifically addressed to young people in the tourism sector;
  • innovative auto-instructive simulation web-based environment for tourism start-up support to young entrepreneurs;
  • youth peer support network, established within the project.

Piloting mobility and start-up support activities, policy implications

Comprises the following elements:

  • international job placement mobility services for previously trained/validated young people;
  • counselling services for previously trained young would-be entrepreneurs;
  • elaboration of a Policy Impact Assessment Report.