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Regardless of the fact that we had already good experience in organization of big events in the framework of the NESET Project, because of the limitations of COVID – 19, the Major Publicity Event for 2021 was held in 3 separate rooms of the Park Hotel “PERSEY” in Varna on 20th of September 2021.
Participants of the event were 116 representatives of NEETSs target group, students from professional schools, College, Universities, Tourist Companies, NGOs, Media, local authorities and representatives of the Governmental organizations.
There were three speakers who changed the audience when they finished their presentations.
Eng. Ivan Tabakov – President of VCCI – Lead Partner of the Project NESET presented results of implementation of customized validation standards for supporting recognition of tourism – related learning outcomes for former NEETs.
Prof. D-r Todor Todorov – Project Manager informed the audience about Goals, Partners and Reached results. Then he made overview of the participation of the young people in the Tourism, competences gap analysis.
From the Partner Cluster for Information Support of the Black Sea Tourism Business was presented the progress of elaboration and implementation of “Job placement and employment mobility portal for active job-search and mobility”.
The audience accepted the presented information and studies with a big interest. There were many questions and comments. Our conclusion is that at this stage of the implementation the Project the reached results are very satisfied and by Media were announced in Varna, Bourgas and Bulgaria.

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