National Publicity Event in Italy
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National Publicity Event in Italy

TUCEP organized the NESET National Infoday on 28th of September 2021 via Zoom aimed at promoting the NESET activities and outcomes among young people interested to be engaged in the tourism industry. The participants were mainly job seekers and students attending the last year of high school in the tourism field. 28 people joined the event via Zoom and 2 classes (30 students) attended the online meeting from their classrooms.

The online event focused on the skills and competences young people should have to work in the tourism industry. It was pointed out that the tourism is one of the main entry points to the labour makert providing a concrete answer to youth unemployment which can provides large job opportunities to NEETs and workers re-entering job market.

The competitiveness of the tourism industry relies on the competences and skills of its workforce.

Since the human capital working in the tourism sector is generally less skilled than others, and the sector does not appear high on the list of the most popular graduate jobs, the tourism industry needs to invest significantly in the upskilling and reskilling of its professional workforce, particularly in digital, green and social skills.

At the end of the Info Day, the NESET e-learning platform has been shown focusing on the job and training opportunities it represents for the job seekers and young people interested to acquire the skills and competences demanding by the tourism sector.

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