Internships and counselling services for Portuguese Young People
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Internships and counselling services for Portuguese Young People

COVID-19 has hurt internship prospects in NESET project, unfortunately, both at national and international levels. This was troubling because internships are an important experience for validating a student’s chosen field, developing professional skills, and in NESET case, developing communication skills in foreign languages and adaptation skills to new cultural and social contexts. These Internships should have used the knowledge and skills that students have accumulated during the trainings and give them experience that appeals to future employers and offer more employability opportunities, such as teamwork, problem solving, leaderships and career management skills. Additionally, mentors are often found during internships and these mentors can provide job-search advice and connections inside and outside of their company.
On the other hand, in spite of the vaccination anti-covid process proved to be effective and bending the curve in many geographies, it was only possible to organize online workshops on the use of NESET platform, for the selected project participants, including counselling services in July and August 2021.
Furthermore, DD has carried on disseminating the project objectives, activities and results in social media and in the local press and has produced a dissemination video on NESET project.

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